Lakers’ Christian Wood fulfilled a long-held promise to his mother in a heartwarming moment, shortly after winning a $500,000 award

Christian Wood of the Lakers fulfilled a meaningful promise to his mother, 10 years in the making, in a heartwarming moment – This coming just a month after winning a prestigious $500,000 award

These days, a great deal of young professionals want to have a favorable influence on their parents. One of the happiest things in the world would surely be to have one’s parents’ love returned to oneself. For Los Angeles Lakers center Christian Wood, that feeling has finally come true.

In a positive X post, Wood described how he finally managed to keep his word and buy his mother’s ideal home.

“Lift aim…When I was eighteen and broke and had no money, I promised my mother that before I turned thirty, I would buy her the house of her dreams,” Wood captioned the photo. “At this point, I’ve successfully completed that!” “You have my undying love!”

Wood’s new position with the LakersIt takes persistence, hard work, and confidence, among other things, to keep a spot on the NBA roster each year. For Wood, it was all of the above and more, coupled with an insatiable drive to fulfill a ten-year promise.